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   Хотим предоставить к Вашему вниманию официальный сайт игры FIFA 12 от EA Sports Canada. Сайт был запущен совсем недавно и на нем Вы можете найти интересную информацию, а также видео и скриншоты.

    Впрочем весь этот материал и даже больше есть на нашем сайте так что не переживайте и будьте уверены, что мы постоянно будем держать Вас на волне последний новостей из мира нашей любимой игры FIFA 12 на русском языке для всех стран СНГ и не только. Спасибо Вам, что читаете нас - это достойная плата за те труды в виде сбора различной информации которые мы стараемся сделать именно для Вас.  

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3 Smer4-igroK • 20:28, 29/05/2011
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2 Smer4-igroK • 20:27, 29/05/2011
In these years we saw lots of strange things, especially for PC users, and sometimes we were even accused to be too much merciful towards a game that was not even mediocre (referring to FIFA 10 PC, of course). Nonetheless I, Outsider 87, personally have always put my face on forums and when there was something to confirm or deny, I had always said what I knew without throwing words away for the taste of writing something with the keyboard...

That's why I come back here today to try to put an end to a tremendous misunderstanding that is going on in the web. As indeed some of you could have already noticed, in the official EA SPORTS document about FIFA 12, when they talk about Impact Engine, they mention only the Xbox360 and PlayStation3 versions. Based on this, some authoritative videogames sites have pubblished some news saying that the Impact Engine would have not been present in FIFA 12 PC and that PC gamers would have played another "downgraded" version.
For this reason many users have tried to contact EA SPORTS producers or community managers on twitter to have some kind of official words about it and they have received some cryptic answers ("we will talk about it in July", "stay tuned, we will make PC announcements soon", "sometimes reporters get things wrong", etc), but somehow reassuring. Even the gameplay producer Aaron McHardy, in an interview, has answered to stay calm and wait for future announcements.
We have done our part too and we have contacted in private a very authorative EA SPORTS members who invited us to make you know that NOTHING about what it has been said by reporters has been ever confirmed by EA SPORTS and that the official document about Impact Engine has to be read as it is without finding things that are not written and without making strange mind-travels.

They have confirmed us also what we already knew and that obviously we cannot still tell you, but you can be assured because FIFA 12 will be a great step forward for all Fifa players, both PC and Consoles, and that PC gamers will not treated bad another time. At the question whether Impact Engine is gonna be on PC version there can be only one answer: obviously we have told you that what you have heard about is wrong, so you can go straight to the conclusion knowing that such things are black or white, no gray allowed Risatona

Finally, please stay confident and wait the next FIFA 12 news: I remind you that we are not even in June, so there is still a lot of time for announcements!

See you later and have a nice Champions League match!!!

1 Alexfclive • 17:17, 29/05/2011
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